The Arab world is a rapidly growing market opening up numerous potential professional opportunities for Arabic speakers

Discover a love of the logic of the Arabic language. Learn how to introduce your friends and family, talk about what you do and where you come from, and socializing.

With our Arabic Starter Microlearning Course, you can:

  • Be able to introduce the family members.
  • Place an order at the restaurant and ask about the price of items.
  • Ask and answer simple questions about jobs, nationalities and residence places.
  • Be able to tell the time and express all the vocabulary related.
  • Understand the logic of the Arabic language.
  • Be able to point to things/people and ask them simple questions.
  • Express possession in Arabic.
  • Be able to describe things or persons and express a self-opinion.

* All cudoo language Microlearning courses are mapped to international CEFR levels and “Can Do” statements