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Very extensive choice of languages, offering languages that other mainstream language learning services fail to offer. My interest in Cudoo was a result of them teaching a number of Austronesian languages. The site and interface is very user friendly which makes learning very engaging and enjoyable. All in all, I am very impressed and look forward to further updates.

Pewe B.


I do feel I'm learning something useful, and I am very thankful to have found Cudoo. I also appreciate that after I complete a course, Cudoo provides a course free to a needy student somewhere in the world. That makes it all worthwhile.

Suzanne R.


Cudoo is an incredible platform. I really enjoy listening to the audio and watching the colorful illustrations. It's very easy to navigate and learn new languages. Absolutely love the fact that Cudoo gives free courses to someone in need, when I complete any course. What an awesome idea!

Ulrike D.

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