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Estonian Language Overview

The Republic of Estonia recognizes Estonian as its national language. The number of people who speak Estonian is quite low compared to those who speak other European languages.

The majority of the world’s languages—some 4,500 in total—have less than 100,000 native speakers; thus, Estonian seems quite widespread by comparison.

Estonian is one of the Finno-Ugric languages. Estonian is the smallest of the Finno-Ugric languages, with only a few hundred thousand speakers, whereas Hungarian (with 14 million speakers), Finnish (5 million speakers), and Mordvin (with nine hundred thousand) are the largest.

Why Should You Learn Estonian?

Many study Estonian because they find it interesting and useful in many different contexts. If you want to learn something but feel like giving up when you get stuck, it can help to have a clear reason for wanting to do so.

There are many more nuanced factors to think about before embarking on a path to learn a new language, but here are a few to think about:


What do you think would make traveling so much more convenient and fun? The ability to communicate fluently with native speakers. Consequently, you will be able to learn more about the local culture and build greater connections with the locals.

You get to see the country in ways that tour groups don’t offer, eat at restaurants that may otherwise be beyond reach, and learn about its culture and history from a fresh angle.


Everyday interactions with business partners would run more smoothly if you spoke their language.

Much of the vagueness gets removed, and the argument is made more clearly. It also makes it easy to pursue career-related interests like international jobs, cross-cultural experience, or even a higher-status position at home.

Being able to communicate fluently in multiple languages is highly valued by employers and will help you stand out, so learning the Estonian language online is a good idea.

How Much Time Do You Need to Learn Estonian?

You only need a few days of language study to master the essential traveler’s phrases for communicating in various settings.

Timeframes of one to three years are recommended if you wish to become fluent in written and spoken Estonian. At least 5 to 7 years of training is required to reach a certain academic level.