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Are you interested in learning Icelandic? Acquiring a vocabulary and a command of proper pronunciation are essential steps in mastering Icelandic. Learn Icelandic quickly and efficiently with our well-designed Icelandic courses online.

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A Brief About the Icelandic Language

It’s an old language that shares a linguistic affinity with other West Scandinavian tongues like Faroese and Norwegian. It’s interesting to note that Iceland’s language authority actively promotes using newly coined terminology, words, and phrases rather than foreign borrowings. This means that there are few grammatical or lexical differences between modern Icelandic and Old Norse, making it possible for native Icelandic speakers to understand texts from the 10th century.

Why Should You Learn Icelandic?

Icelandic isn’t exactly a widely spoken language and is used by a relatively small number of people outside of Iceland.

  • As one might expect from such a little island, Iceland has a sparse population. However, if you study their official language, you’ll be able to communicate with all 350,000 native speakers in their country.
  • Iceland is a lovely place that can make every trip more memorable. Knowing some Icelandic will give you more independence and self-assurance as you take in the country’s breathtaking landscape, even if you’re not an expert.
  • There is a correlation between studying a new language like Icelandic and improved long-term mental health.
  • Those who are fluent in multiple languages tend to make more money overall.
  • Explore ancient Norse manuscripts — as previously indicated, the Icelandic language has remained mostly intact; therefore, most native speakers can comprehend writings over a thousand years old.

Top Methods for Studying Icelandic

Fortunately, the number of online resources available to anyone interested in learning Icelandic has grown significantly over the past few years. Numerous websites and platforms exist to help you learn Icelandic online, whether you are a resident, a tourist, or someone simply interested in the language, including apps, video lectures, and online communities.