Learn Hospitality Italian and welcome your Italian guest in ‘la bella lingua’

“Courtesy is a quality that is very much appreciated in Italy, so ensure your conduct towards your Italian hotel guests is always polished. Punctuality is not a priority for Italians. Be patient and be prepared for some delay when you welcome or expect guests. In particular, do not take a small delay as a sign of lack of respect.

Italians are extremely expressive communicators. They tend to be wordy, eloquent, emotional, and demonstrative, so do not be surprised if you are interrupted while speaking. In Italy, it is very common for everyone to speak at once and at a higher volume than you may be used to!

Since Italy is considered to be one of the fashion capitals of Europe, you need to try and find the right balance between an elegant and conservative style. Appearances matter in Italy; the way you dress can indicate your social status, your family’s background, and your education level, so make sure your first impression is the right one.”