Get ready to go for gold in Rio de Janeiro.

Famous for its dramatic setting between the mountains and the sea, carnivals and beaches, this summer in the city is all about the magic of the mighty Maracanã Stadium, as the Olympics comes to carnival in Rio. Learn Portuguese to wow your sporty friends and family and make sure you know the key cool phrases to be a winner during Rio 2016.

Learn the following lingo to live it large during Rio2016:

  1. Cultural tips of this amazing host country
  2. What to see and do in Rio
  3. Greetings
  4. How to say which country you’re from and which country you support
  5. Getting around – making sure you know where the stadium is / venues are and how to get there
  6. How to talk about what your team / country has won and the medals
  7. Cool phrases you’ll need when watching your team live in Rio or online