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Discover the skills to become the person the office can’t live without

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Administrative assistants are a key part of most office environments. They work quietly in the background, ensuring that the business runs smoothly and efficiently. This workshop will give new administrative assistants tools that will make them that person that the office can’t live without. Learn new tools that will make you more efficient and valuable than ever.

Discover the core skills that will help you use your resources efficiently, manage your time wisely, communicate effectively, and collaborate with others skillfully. The practices may take time to be a part of your daily work routine. However, making the commitment to consistently apply the concepts every day is the key to changing and adopting new behaviors in a short amount of time.

Learn about how to:

  • Get Organized
  • Manage your time more effectively
  • Prioritize your time so you can get it all done.
  • Complete Special Tasks
  • Verbal Communication Skills
  • Non-Verbal Communication Skills
  • Empower Yourself
  • Deal better with your managers
  • Take Care of Yourself is a priority

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