Empowering people through education has always been at the center of what we do. LearningOnline.xyz started as a sister company of a well-established language and professional development institute, based in the United States, Europe and the Middle East. Learning in a classroom has worked since we can remember, but with the rapid growth of technologies and ease of access to any content over the Internet, it just made sense to bring all the amazing learning resources delivered in the classrooms, online.

In 2016, LearningOnline.xyz was born, a small start-up in a fast-growing competitive market. Although we don’t deny the apprehension at the start, it never stopped us to turn our concept into reality: provide skill-based education to adults around the world on a convenient, comprehensive and innovative online platform.

Why do that when so many other companies have done the same?

Our small team met to better understand the reasons why people learn. It might sound obvious on the surface, but we wanted to dig really deep and uncover the core, universal reason. It can be summed up in one word: happiness.

Cliché? Maybe – but it’s true. People learn to know more, do more and therefore to live happier, more fulfilled lives. From that point forward, it all made so much sense. However, it felt like our company and products were on a one-way street, something was lacking and we knew we had to go one step further.

Our Mission

Connect all people to learning opportunities that contribute to happier, more fulfilled lives.

Our Vision

Make the world a better place through self-learning and

Bridging the gap

Through our years of experience in education, we became painfully aware of the consistent skill gap between adults of all ages, be it locally or anywhere on the planet we call home. Lack of education, among many other factors, contributes directly to the cycle of poverty. We felt so privileged and grateful to have easy access to education that we decided to give back.

We want to make the most of our expertise, past experiences and this amazing opportunity to change as many lives as possible, by focusing our energy, time and resources to connecting all people to learning opportunities that contribute to happier, more fulfilled lives.

Our Values

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Always fair and with integrity

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Socially responsible

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Empowering people

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Passionate about the learning process

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Driven by intuitive innovation

It doesn’t stop there. We might dedicate our company to this mission, but we know we can’t do it alone. We restructured the company around a simple, popular concept – One-for-One: for every course completed by a learner, we provide a course to someone in need. Our learners play an essential role in achieving and maintaining this mission. We are also continuously partnering with charitable organisations around the globe, to ensure that the learning resources are given to people who need them.

We’re a small team with big goals. Join the movement!