Cudoo is Free-for-Life for Charities, Nonprofits, and Libraries Worldwide

Why We Give

Education has the power to change lives and make a meaningful difference. It can help communities break the cycle of poverty and create opportunities for a better, brighter future. It is through education that people can find employment, improve health and wellbeing, develop societies, grow economies, end malnutrition, and even combat climate change or eradicate cruelty to animals.

We have made it our mission to ‘connect all people to learning opportunities that contribute to happier, more fulfilled lives’, and change the world for the better.

Every course that’s purchased enables us to offer charities, nonprofits, and public libraries free and unlimited access to Cudoo Pro – a growing library of 800+ online courses. Our ‘Free-for-Life’ courses are available to employees, volunteers, and the people dependent on these institutions worldwide.

How Your Organization Can Benefit
from Our eLearning Courses

160+ Languages

Improve employee and volunteer retention rates

Professional Skills

Provide learning opportunities to the community you serve

Professional Skills

Better adapt to change and unique challenges

It only takes 1 minute to create your own free LMS account. Free for charities, nonprofits, and libraries all around the world.

Our Goals

Our initiative works in line with the Goal #4 of the United Nations’ Global Goals for Sustainable Development, promoting quality education for all. Our ongoing efforts aim to reach the following goals over the next decade:

Cudoo Make a Difference
  1. Help reduce illiteracy by 5% in less economically developed countries
  2. Provide essential workplace skills to 5 million people who are rehabilitating and rebuilding their lives
  3. Give access to key competencies to 3 million young people to increase their chances of employability

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