14 Jul Train the Trainer

Whether you are preparing to be a professional trainer, or you are someone who does a little training as a part of your job, ramp up your preparation skills to deliver effective outcomes. Begin the process of becoming a trainer, and explore how training is a process where skills, knowledge, and attitudes are applied.

The Train-The-Trainer workshop will hand you a ready-made toolkit of trainer tools to help you create and deliver engaging, compelling workshops to motivate attendees. Skills such as facilitating, needs analyses, understanding participant’s needs, and managing tough topics will give you what you need to become a trainer that makes a difference.

Learn how to:

  •       Define training, facilitating, and presenting
  •       Understand how to identify participants’ training needs
  •       Create a lesson plan that incorporates the range of learning preferences
  •       Create an active, engaging learning environment
  •       Develop visual aids and supporting materials
  •       Manage difficult participants and tough topics
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