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When you learn something new, you gain strengths that you never had before, allowing you to turn the impossible into possible. You can overcome new challenges and confidently lead a happier, more fulfilled life.
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Learn something new today by choosing from over 700 certified online courses on Cudoo, from a new language to a professional skill, and we’ll immediately donate a course to someone in need. When you invest in yourself, you invest in humanity.

Free learning for better lives

Access to learning resources, equipment and connectivity isn’t a given for everyone. Thanks to you and your commitment to online learning, you provide free lifetime access to essential soft skills and language courses to people who need this knowledge to improve their lives, but can’t always afford it. To turn this concept into reality, we have partnered with esteemed charitable organisations worldwide catering to people from many different backgrounds, with different needs, near and far. When you learn, you support inclusive sustainable development. When you learn, the world learns.

Just one online course can change lives and has the power to bring happiness!

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Our Goals

Our initiative works in line with the Goal #4 of the United Nations’ Global Goals for Sustainable Development, promoting quality education for all. Our ongoing efforts aim to reach the following goals over the next decade:

  1. Help reduce illiteracy by 5% in less economically developed countries
  2. Provide essential workplace skills to 5 million people who are rehabilitating and rebuilding their lives
  3. Give access to key competencies to 3 million young people to increase their chances of employability

Our Partners

Evolvin’ Women

Evolvin’ Women is a socially responsible platform for sourcing female talents in hospitality. The organization connects hospitality partners to women from developing countries who lack access to quality education and employment opportunities due to personal, political or cultural circumstances. Women join a Pop Up Academy and together with Cudoo and other educational partners, prepare to secure international entry-level employment and return to a job in their home country where they become a contributor to their family, community and national economic growth.

Yayasan Usaha Mulia (YUM)

“Yayasan Usaha Mulia” means “Foundation for Noble Work”. YUM is a non-profit organization that works to improve the quality of life of the poor in Indonesia. Indonesia has seen widespread development, but with the fourth largest population in the world, there are still many areas where there is a severe lack of proper health, education and community services. YUM has worked for more than four decades in this vast archipelago to support communities, to give them hope and a way out of the cycle of poverty through their Education, Health and Community Development projects.
Together with local trainers, Cudoo supports YUM in enhancing youth employment by providing English classes to the young people supported by YUM’s Vocational Training Centers in Cipanas and Central Kalimantan.

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