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Why Should You Learn the Kazakh Language?

In the United States, only a tiny fraction of the population is interested in or proficient in Kazakh. Translation, interpreting, consulting, the armed forces, intelligence, the diplomatic corps, and the media are just a few of the areas that may use Kazakh speakers.

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With the largest economy in Central Asia, Kazakhstan is also the largest country in terms of land area. Furthermore, it has the second-greatest population and the highest volume of trade with the USA.

The expansion of U.S.-Kazakh business ties has increased the need for American professionals with a command of the Kazakh language. Millions of individuals in the former Soviet Union, China, and the Caucasus, learn the Kazakh language as the first step toward communicating in the Tatar, Uzbek, and Uyghur languages.

These areas are currently very important to global strategy.

A Brief About the Kazakh

Kazakhstan is the center of the nomad world in the central Asian steppe. The cities of southern Kazakhstan played an important role in the Silk Roads’ cultural revival for millennia, and numerous nomadic conquerors emerged from the Kazakh steppes to create mighty empires.

Much of Kazakstan was shaped by the Mongol Empire, and today many Kazakhs regard Genghis Khan as a national hero.

Languages such as Uzbek, Turkish, Uyghur, and Tatar are also related to Kazakh because they are all Turkic. From the Balkans to China, Turkic languages have been used worldwide for centuries.