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Kurdish Language Courses

How Can You Learn the Kurdish Language?

You can take Kurdish language courses at Cudoo whether you’re a student, working professional, or traveler.

All ages and language levels can take our courses. You just need to pick the relevant course to get going.

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Why Should You Learn Kurdish?

Kurdish, a member of the north-western family of Indo-Iranian languages, is spoken by approximately 20 million Kurds who inhabit a huge, undivided region. Previously, Kurdish scholars disregarded the language and dismissed its tales and folklore. Today, the Kurdish language has acquired the right to be Iraq’s official language.

Even though Kurdish is still not widely spoken in some areas, becoming fluent can open doors to several opportunities in global trade, communication, translation, and transcription.

How Challenging Is Learning Kurdish?

Kurdish follows an SOV grammatical structure and is an Indo-European language. After learning a large number of new phrases, many individuals may discover that learning ergativity is the most challenging aspect of learning Kurdish.

Grammar-wise, objects of transitive verbs in the past tenses are handled like subjects of transitive verbs in the present and future tenses, while subjects of transitive verbs in the past tenses are regarded like objects of transitive verbs in those tenses.