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If learning a new language satisfies your inner quest for knowledge or if you have any plan to travel to places such as Borneo, Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula, learn Malay online at Cudoo – your trusted online learning platform offering a wide range of well-designed courses that help you to elevate your understanding of the language and give you the much-needed confidence.

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Learning Malay Language Online

Malay is a very interesting language. Being a member of the Austronesian language family, it is spoken in different parts of the world including several islands. It is spoken in different parts of the Philippines and Thailand. As per the history of this language, it has been written using different scripts including Pallava and Kawi scripts.

The language was influenced by many cultures and therefore, it also used an Arabic-based script Jawi for centuries. It is the Rumi which serves as the official script of this language today. However, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore may still have Jawi script in use.

Top Reasons To Join The Malay Language Online Courses

  1. When a person learns a new language, he/she is able to broaden his horizons while he travels through Malaysia.
  2. He/she develops good understanding of different cultures, understands their emotions and connects with them, especially the locals, in a better way.
  3. A new language in one’s portfolio can make that person and his skills more relevant and competitive; it can also lead to more employment opportunity especially in areas where that language is spoken widely.
  4. Enhanced multi-tasking abilities and improved networking skills are also significant advantages.
  5. Exploring new language is a great way to make the best use of available time. One can watch movie and read books in that language.
  6. A higher education leads to an improved quality of life.

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