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Romanian is a musical language that is the closest surviving tongue to Latin and a starting point for learning other Romance languages, namely – Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, and Catalan.

With Cudoo, you can choose to learn Romanian online at your own pace and on your own schedule. It gives you full authority over whenever, wherever, and however you want to learn.

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Why Should You Learn Romanian?

The vocabulary of Romanian, a 1,700-year-old Romance language with Slavic elements, contains roughly 15% Slavic and 75% Latin words.

If you have learned or want to study any of these languages, you will be benefited from the commonalities and learn relatively quickly. Romanian is lexically incredibly similar to French, Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish, and just like them, it is transcribed as uttered.

Two Prominent Reasons Why You Should Learn Romanian

People decide to study a new language such as Romanian for a variety of reasons. Knowing exactly why you wish to learn can help you stay motivated and provide you the urge to keep learning even when you seem out of your zone.

Here are two reasons to consider before beginning your learning adventure:


The ability to communicate in a local language could make travel a whole lot more pleasurable and easy. You will find it quite simpler to engage with the locals and have a deeper understanding of their culture.

It opens up various new options to explore off-the-beaten-track locations, experience intriguing cuisine, and view the land from different points of view.


Undoubtedly, communication with your business associates would be a lot easier if you spoke their language. It helps get straight to the point and eliminates a lot of ambiguity.

Furthermore, it creates additional opportunities to work abroad, travel for employment, or simply land a more desirable position at home.

Speaking other languages is a highly valued talent that could help you stand out from other candidates for the same job.

Enroll in Cudoo’s Romanian Language Course Online

Although there are numerous ways to learn, Romanian language lessons online are the most effective. Our online courses are perfect for those who wish to study the language from zero or enhance their conversational Romanian.

You can study Romanian from the comfort of your home or workplace by leveraging our online platform, and our conversation classes will help you become more fluent. You get the chance to study Romanian in a friendly and comfortable environment with the help of our online courses.

So learn Romanian with us today and start a pleasant adventure. We provide courses for all levels, from novice to advanced.