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American Sign language (ASL) is growing in popularity and its the primary language of the Deaf and Hard of hearing in the USA. Its popularity has also expanded to other countries around the world. Start learning today!

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Online Courses to Learn Sign Language

ASL is a natural language which means it has its own syntax grammar and vocabulary, exactly like spoken languages do.

It’s not only about using your hands to communicate a message, but it also includes the movement of your body and facial expressions. Learning the most common signs in ASL as well as the ASL alphabet is the first step towards communicating with the Deaf and Hard of hearing. The Deaf appreciate it when hearing individuals take the time to learn sign language and use it to interact with the Deaf community.

Contrary to popular belief there is no universal sign language and it differs greatly by regions and countries. In the US and Canada alone, around 500,000 people use American Sign Language (ASL) as their natural language and primary mode of communication. In Britain and Scotland, British Sign Language (BSL) is used.

Why Should You Enroll in A Sign Language Course?

Learn about the various international sign languages used by hearing impaired individuals to communicate through gestures and signs in these online sign language courses.

Learning sign language improves your ability to communicate and has a host of additional advantages, like better peripheral vision and cognitive functioning. So enroll in the course now.