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Utilize the Urdu lessons online from Cudoo to master the language so that you can introduce yourself. You can learn how to introduce yourself, your occupation, your interests, and many other things in the Urdu language. There are classes from the beginner to the advanced level available in a click.

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  • Learn Urdu Online - (Business)

    Learn Business Urdu Online

    48 lessons

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  • Learn Urdu Online - (Business)

    Learn Urdu Online – Level 1

    28 lessons

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  • Learn Urdu Online - (Business)

    Learn Urdu Online – Level 2

    23 lessons

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  • Learn Urdu Online - (Business)

    Learn Urdu Online – Level 3

    29 lessons

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  • Learn Urdu Online - (Business)

    The Urdu Language (Bundle)

    131 Lessons

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A Brief About the Urdu Language

Urdu is Pakistan’s national language and is extensively spoken in six Indian states. Worldwide, there are more than 40 million speakers of Urdu, with approximately twice as many being native speakers. Its influence is widespread and evolving because it is the native tongue of one of the most fascinating and historical territories in the entire globe. In addition, it is the language with numerous works of literature, including philosophy and culture, as well as poetry and prose.

Why Should You Learn the Urdu Language?

Poetry written in the Urdu language is well-known across the world and is highly regarded by many people, even outside the community of Urdu speakers. Mastering the Urdu language can lead to the discovery of numerous wonderful works of literature because Urdu poetry is widely recited and takes on a variety of styles.

Learn Urdu Language Online with Cudoo

At Cudoo, you can enroll in a range of courses to study Urdu heritage and culture. You’ll get the opportunity to comprehend the composers and key figures in the discipline. To help students improve their fluency and knowledge via real-life communication, Cudoo offers courses that are taught in classic Urdu. You can enroll in Urdu classes on several topics, including concepts relevant to the business.