Appreciative Enquiry

Use this valuable tool to recognise strengths and move people in a positive direction

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Organizations can be thought of as living beings made up of the individuals working within it. Appreciative Inquiry has the ability to change the whole organization by changing the people. Through positive questioning people will be directed to move in a positive direction. Recognizing the strengths and values of what works as opposed to what’s wrong will transform the individuals and thus transform the organization.

Appreciative Inquiry is a shift from looking at problems and deficiencies and instead focusing on strengths and successes. It is a tool for organizational change and it will strengthen relationships. Who doesn’t like to share good positive stories and events?

Make sure you know how to use this valuable tool:

  • Know the meaning of appreciative inquiry
  • Think in positive terms and avoid thinking negatively
  • Encourage others to think positively
  • Recognize positive attributes in people
  • Create positive imagery
  • Manage and guide your employees and colleagues in a positive environment

Course Content


Module One: Getting Started


Module Two: Introducing Appreciative Inquiry


Module Three: Changing the Way You Think


Module Four: Four D Model


Module Five: Four I Model


Module Six: Appreciative Inquiry Interview Style


Module Seven: Anticipatory Reality


Module Eight: The Power of Positive Imagery


Module Nine: Influencing Change Through Appreciative Inquiry


Module Ten: Coaching and Managing With Appreciative Inquiry


Module Eleven: Creating a Positive Core


Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

$119.99 $9.99

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