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Learn beautiful Catalan, a language that has survived against the odds.


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Course Description

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Catalan is a Romance language named after Catalonia, in northeastern Spain and adjoining parts of France. It’s spoken in three regions of Spain: Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands. Outside Spain, it is the official language of Andorra. It is also spoken in some parts of France and Italy. This beautiful language is not, as some believe, a dialect of Spanish, but developed independently out of the vulgar Latin spoken by the colonizing Romans in the 9th century. Since the 1980s, Catalan has been recognized as a co-official language along with Spanish in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. All of which have helped it emerge as a language of education and of mass media, putting it firmly back on the map. As the wave of support for local cultural values continues to envelop Catalonia, centuries-old traditions are surging back, such as the Castell (perilous, 10 story-high human skyscrapers)!

Catalan language

What Will I Learn?

  • Useful Catalan Phrases for emergencies such as “Where is the hospital?”
  • Ordering at a restaurant
  • Airport Operations like ticketing, luggage, etc…
  • Travel lingo like destinations and tourist sites
  • and more!

Once you’ve completed all three levels of this unique language, sharpen your Catalan skills with our Catalan for Business course. This course is designed to make conducting business in Catalan a breeze!

Why Learn Catalan Online with Cudoo? 

Thanks to Cudoo’s mobile compatibility you can access your online language courses anytime, anywhere. You’ll have lifetime access so you’ll never forget your new skills and can come back for a refresher whenever! Additionally, you will receive a certificate of completion to put on your LinkedIn and to share with current or prospective employers.

Course Content






Where Can I?


May I?


Parts of The Body – Part 1


Parts of The Body – Part 2


What’s the Matter?


I Need a Doctor


Where is The Pharmacy?


Where is The Nearest Hospital?


Leaving a Message on The Phone (Informal)


Could I? (Requests)


Could You? (Requests)


Polite Apologies


At The Restaurant – Part 2 Special Requests


At The Restaurant – Part 3 Food


At The Restaurant – Part 4 Drinks


At The Restaurant – Part 5 Ordering Food


At The Airport


On Holiday


The Hotel – Part 1 Check-In


The Hotel – Part 2 Rooms


The Hotel – Part 3 Questions


The Hotel – Part 4 More Questions


The Hotel – Part 6 Checkout


Business Travel – Part 1


Business Travel – Part 2




Future – I Will / I’ll (Future Intention)

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June 15, 2023

I am giving three rating because they did not provide any grammar PDF. Apart from this it was good.


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