Learn Bosnian Online With Certificate - Level 1

Learn Bosnian Online – Level 1

Learn Bosnian, the lovely language of the ‘heart shaped’ country


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Course Description

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Spoken by the Bosnians, this language shares many sounds and styles from Turkish, Arabic and Persian, due to the influence of the Roman and Ottoman empires. The name ‘Bosnia’ translates to ‘Water’ and is a perfect reflection of the country, with its beautiful waterfalls, rivers, and lakes! In this friendly country, the language follows the Latin script and has interesting pitch stresses, influenced by different empires across the ages. Did you know that Bosnia and Herzegovina are divided into three major ethnic groups, religions, and languages? This country of only 3.5 million people borders Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro.

Due to its close borders and small size, Bosnia and Herzegovina consider Croatian, Serbian, and Bosnian all official languages. It’s also the official language in Montenegro and is widely used throughout the Balkans. Bosnian is one of the few languages with more than one alphabet. There is the Latin alphabet, which is very similar to the English alphabet. There’s also the Cyrillic alphabet. The Cyrillic alphabet can be compared to the Russian alphabet. The Cyrillic alphabet is fading out of popularity but can still be seen in texts and in older parts of the country.

Learn Bosnian online and practice the language at your own pace, anytime, anywhere and from any device.

What Will I Learn? We will prepare with the basics of the Bosnian language, some of the topics covered include;

  • Greetings like “Good Morning” or “Good Evening”
  • Saying please and thank you
  • Letting someone know you can’t understand what they’re saying
  • Countries and how to say where you’re from
  • Numbers 0-20
  • Phone numbers
  • Food and Kitchen Vocabulary like various fruits and vegetables
  • And more!

Why Learn Bosnian Online With Cudoo?

Thanks to Cudoo’s mobile compatibility, you can access your online language course anytime, anywhere. You’ll have lifetime access so you’ll never be able to forget your new skills, jump back in anytime for a refresher! Additionally, you will receive a certificate of completion to put on your LinkedIn and share it with your current or future employers.

Course Content




Greetings of the Day


Please and thank you


I don’t understand






Countries Part 2


Countries Part 3


Numbers 0 – 10


Numbers 11 – 20


Where are you from?


What is the telephone number?




What’s this called?








What would you like to drink?


General food


In the kitchen

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