Learn Retail English, and welcome customers from 65 countries and territories that have English as their first language.

Learning English is the perfect way to welcome a whole host of customers from all over the world from English speaking countries, such as the U.K., the U.S., Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to name just a few!

The thing to bear in mind is that although they all may speak the same language, their cultural expectations may be very different depending on where they are from! For example, the people of the UK value their privacy highly. Although they may appear to be very open in public, they do not normally criticise or openly complain in public. On the other hand, guests from the U.S. will will begin to speak with strangers as they stand in a queue etc. so don’t be surprised if they are informal to the point of being very direct.

So learn the language and then learn the cultural ropes as you go!