Learn Occitan Online – Level 1


Learn Occitan, the language of the Provençal and Languedoc regions of France, dating back to medieval Europe

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The Occitan language (also called Provençal or Languedoc) is spoken by about 1,500,000 people in southern France. All Occitan speakers use French as their official and cultural language, but Occitan dialects are used for everyday purposes and show absolutely no signs of dying out!

The language of the Languedoc (Langue D’oc or Occitania), Occitan dates back to the Troubadours of medieval Europe in the 10th century, with its origins in “vulgar Latin”. Vulgar Latin is basically the popular latin from which  the Romance languages developed (French, Spanish, Italian etc.)

Learn Occitan, one of the poetical languages used by Dante, Rabelais, Nostradamus, John Locke, Simon Weil, and Ezra Pound.

Did you know?

Occitan was the language of the famous Troubadours, the elite travelling aristocratic poet and musicians of the Middle Ages.  It was also the first  language of King Richard I of England (the Lionheart), as well as of his mother Eleanor of Aquitaine.  A language with lineage for sure!