Learn Sindhi Online – Level 1

Learn Sindhi, the official language of the Sindh province of Pakistan, and named after the famous Indus river

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Sindhi is the official language of the Sindh province of Pakistan, spoken by over 34 million people, and the third most spoken language in Pakistan. It’s also spoken by 3 million people in India, mainly in Kutch.

It is an Indo-Aryan language, with its vocabulary mostly derived from spoken  Sanskrit, although you may be a bit misled at to its origins as it mostly written in the Arabic script!

Did you know?

The province of Sindh was named after the famous River Indus. In Sanskrit, the province was dubbed Sindhu, meaning an ocean.

The Indus begins in the high mountains of Tibet (southwestern China), flowing northwest through the Jammu & Kashmir region of India and Pakistan, then  through Pakistan to the Arabian Sea.

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