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Do you wish to converse in Belarussian? You need to learn Belarusian words and their pronunciation properly to learn the language. We’ve designed our online lessons to make it easy for you to master Belarusian.

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A Brief About The Belarusian Language

Alongside Russian, Belarusian is one of the two official languages of Belarus. It is primarily spoken in Poland, Russia, and Ukraine. The language was once referred to in English as Belorussian or Byelorussian, transliterating the Russian name, or also as White Ruthenian or White Russian.

Belarus got its freedom from the Soviet Union in 1991. After gaining independence, it also adopted the name Belarusian. A member of the East Slavic languages, Belarusian has many lexical and grammar similarities to other East Slavic languages. There is some mutual understanding between Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian. Old Belarusian, which emerged from Old East Slavic and existed from the 14th to the 17th century, is its precursor stage.

Acquire Belarusian Language Proficiency to Advance Your Career

To advance professionally, invest in your career by learning Belarusian. Due to the fast-changing world, you must constantly upgrade your knowledge and skills. So, make a statement by using your Belarusian language skills.

Learn Belarusian to Enhance Your Travel Experiences

The best thing you can do to get ready for a vacation is to learn a few Belarusian words. Traveling more enjoyably will be made possible by learning Belarusian. Cudoo offers an excellent Belarus language course to get started.