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What is Mandarin Chinese Language?

As a linguistic term, “Mandarin” is seen from four perspectives: by European missionaries as the lingua franca (the widely accepted language of distinct Chinese dialects) of monarchic China; by the modern layman as the dominant language of Mainland China; by dialectologists as the biggest branch of Northern Chinese; and by historical linguists as a synonym for Premodern Chinese.

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How Challenging Is It to Learn Chinese?

If you’re an English speaker, learning Mandarin Chinese online will be a challenging but satisfying language to master.

Besides the challenges of learning new vocabulary and tenses, you also need to become used to a new writing system and a pronouncing system based on tone.

Why Should You Learn Mandarin Chinese?


China is a major focus because of its massive size. Its 1.3 billion residents make up almost 20% of the world’s total population, and it’s the 3rd largest country in terms of area in the world.

In regards to both economy and geopolitics, it is second only to the United States.


Nearly 20% of the global population speaks Mandarin Chinese today. People who speak Mandarin can be found worldwide, from Southeast Asia to South America to Europe, where there are large Chinese communities.

Chinese is an official UN language since China is among the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.

A Distinctive Skill

Despite China’s increasing relevance, only a small fraction of the US population is fluent in the language. Fewer than 60,000 US college students studied Chinese in 2013.

If you’re serious about learning Chinese, you’ll gain a rare and valuable second language talent.