Advanced Writing Skills

Take your writing skills to the next level, learning about persuasion, refusal, up-to-date formats and how to create reports


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If you already have good writing skills, then this course is for you. If you know when to use a semi-colon or colon in the place of a comma or full stop, or know your opinion on the use of the Oxford comma we highly recommend this course to boost your writing skills and business writing to the next level.

Writing is one of the basic communication tools of mankind, in fact, what you’re reading now has been written by someone and depending on the effectiveness of the writing, you will or will not buy this course.

This course will help you to improve your writing to make it more effective and punchy, so that when you’re making changes to a document you can use the crucial writing and editing techniques that you have been taught to deliver the request to the expected standard.


If you think about it, writing is everywhere. As was eluded to; what you’re reading now is writing, the ad you saw on your walk earlier? Writing. The web pages you’ve browsed today all have writing which someone has taken the time to write down and note, books, magazines and newspapers, the email that you received to ask when you’re available for that meeting, your company policy document that you’ve skim read once and not bothered to open since you’re starting to get the point.


• How to make your writing clear, complete, concise, and correct
• Improve sentence construction and paragraph development
• Deal with specific business requests
• How to create effective business cases, proposals, and reports
• Thoroughly document sources that you can use in your writing


• Learn how to write effectively for a business environment
• Writing is a skill that can make you a valuable asset to your organization
• It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, writing is still writing!
• Extracurricular resources are given so you can build further on your newfound knowledge

Course Content


Session One: Course Overview


Session Two: The C’s of Writing.


Session Three: Writing Mechanics


Session Four: Dealing with Specific Requests


Session Five: Preparing Business Documents


Session Six: Editing Techniques

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