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The EdTech News for Monday, February 27, 2023: Teens Reduce Screen Time & Improve Body Image

Teaching and learning is a vast subject area. Building technology to support education demands the rapid re-assembling of ideas. We can take inspiration from this vast area and create a supportive scaffolding for instructors and learners. What’s true for EdTech is true for other sectors too. Once the technology is built, it cannot be unbuilt. It can only be further developed and improved. Part of...

African Language Learning: Yoruba, Zulu, Amharic & Swahili

February is Black Heritage Month in North America. Cudoo supports learning a more complete history of the world, so every week in February Cudoo featured a different African language that is taught on the platform in the Cudoo LinkedIn newsletter. Black Heritage and African language learning are just as important the other eleven months of the year, so all the African languages content appears in...

Call For Cudoo Course Conquerors

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What is a Cudoo Course Conqueror? Besides an opportunity to express our alarming attraction to alliteration? It’s an opportunity to use our wealth of words for YOU!! Yes, you. Cudoo is searching for students who successfully smashed through barriers, completed a Cudoo course and used what they learned. Did learning ASL for Hospitality help you get a job in that bougie boutique hotel everyone...

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