ASL for the Hospitality Industry

What do human beings have in common? We all eat, drink and move around.

The hospitality industry that provides food and beverage services, overnight accommodation, travel and tourism infrastructure, and entertainment and recreation opportunities must accommodate everyone. This includes deaf and hard of hearing clients. In most countries of the world, legislation demands that hotels and other hospitality businesses ensure they have the means of communicating with this population.

The problem? There is a shortage of hospitality workers who know how to communicate using American Sign Language. Cudoo’s American Sign Language for the Hospitality Industry online course is one low-cost resource available to help job applicants gain a competitive advantage and ensure the hospitality businesses who hire them are compliant with accessibility legislation in their jurisdiction.

This introductory level course emphasizes the customer service tasks that hospitality workers provide. Students will learn how to support deaf and hard of hearing clients as they check into a hotel, order food and beverages, ask for directions to local landmarks and prepare for the airport. Special attention is paid to teaching the ASL vocabulary needed to identify and react in emergency situations.

Learning ASL is no different than learning any other foreign language. Like any other culture, deaf and hard of hearing people have a unique way of being, interacting and going about their daily lives that is reflected in how they use their languages. This course will provide the valuable cultural context and etiquette systems that apply in deaf culture. These lessons support hospitality workers’ and their efforts to provide deaf and hard of hearing guests with excellent customer service through politely interactions from a place of cultural safety.

Click here to buy the ASL for Hospitality course. The course, like Cudoo’s ASL Master Class course bundle (levels 1 to 3), is accredited by the CPD. Buy the bundle here.

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