How Ikigai Can Improve Your Life

It’s so human to wonder about your purpose. In Japan, people are searching for and finding their true purposes. The concept of ikigai has taken over Japan and it means “a reason for being.”

We all (or all should) exercise our bodies, right? But have you ever taken a moment to exercise your mind? This Japanese concept originated in Okinawa and calls on you to take a look at your life and help you in finding your true purpose.

What is ikigai?

pronounced “icky gai”

Ikigai is at the center of what you love, what the world needs, what you can be paid for, and what you’re good at.

To help find your ikigai, Medium suggests asking yourself these four simple questions;

What am I good at?
What do I love?
What can I get paid for now?
What does the world need?

You also need to take a moment to ponder:

What are your values?

Whatever it may be, this concept can really help you find a specific purpose within your values.

You need to find the crossroads of all of these questions, you’re good at something and you love it but you can’t get paid. Unfortunately, this is not your Ikigai. Your Ikigai will cover all of these questions and take into account your values.

To practice, you will need to do some serious goal setting and self-analyzing but the end results will be worth it.

How can this help me in the long run?

Couple Hands on Shoulder Beside Plant

It’s proven that ikigai can lower stress levels and just make you feel physically better overall. This is a realistic concept, it takes into account your need for money to live – which is what makes it so popular.

A happier, healthier life means a longer life.

Ikigai focuses on today and your impact on the world today. Its purpose is about finding balance and purpose in your everyday life. Taking life one day at a time rather than fretting over the future and dreading the past can eliminate anxiety.

Not to mention, the satisfaction of waking up every morning and finding purpose in everything you do.

Be warned, you may not find it on the first shot. This is okay, it will only help you narrow down to find what your true potential is.

Take a moment today to think about what your ikigai is and how you’re going to obtain that goal.

Be warned, you may not find it on the first shot. This is okay, it will only help you narrow down to find what your true Ikigai is.

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